The site visit is a fundamental step in evaluating and designing the area. We evaluate traditional architectural styles and materials previously used in the site.

We observe the native flora, listen to the various requests from clients, try to understand if there are particular complexities due to climatic factors, such as lack of water, exposure to the sun, analysis of the land, municipal and / or regional restrictions. Together with the customer we evaluate the cost to be allocated to the project. All of this is important for the preliminary project.

Professional gardener Tuscany -Menichelli Garden master gardener in Italy, in Tuscany


From the site visit we move to the preliminary project, evaluating all the data and analysis in our possession. It consists of drafts, planimetric tables, and perspective views.
Thus, we can evaluate the estimated costs.


As the preliminary project is confirmed we start looking in a bit more detail at the design aspect of our project. We study the plant engineering (lighting, irrigation and relative placement, choice of tree species, paths, floors, furnishings, finishes).
Now the project is presented together with a comprehensive analysis of the costs.


We provide our workers (technicians, companies, craftsmen) with detailed executive designs.


We manage both organisation and implementation of the entire project internally and with qualified and experienced companies, which have been collaborating with us for many years.
The entire work will be managed alongside the contract development, from the initial project, to the operational phase, up to the finished product.