will ensure that the orginial design remains unchanged, and ensure decoration, cleanliness and security of

green spaces

. It can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. The first consists of all interventions at short periodic frequency (e.g. grass cutting, weeding, flowerbed pruning, etc.).

Extraordinary maintenance interventions

are carried out with less frequency, whenever they are needed (eg large tree pruning, pesticide treatments, etc.). A good knowledge of the territory, the plants involved, size of the operations, evaluation of means and staff needed, are necessary.

It is important to keep in mind that maintenance requires commitment and continuous technical updating; everything is done in order to meet customer requirements using means and innovative solutions too. We also created an information service called “the maintenance booklet”. It contains all the plant species placed in your garden, pruning times, fertilisations, phytosanitary treatments and intervention periods.

Safety is an important aspect in our company too. We work safely; we take into account appropriate technical measures so as to minimize risks, using individual protection devices required by law (noise-cancelling headphones, helmet, goggles, cut-resistant coveralls, etc.), according to the Legislative Decree 81/2008.

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