Putting together some plants, a handful of flowers, paving a path … this is not “designing the green”.
The green works, whether they are a garden or a terrace, must always represent fundamental prerequisites according with our level of quality of life.

When working with nature, it is essential to know subjects such as agronomy, botany, arboriculture, phytopathology and compare them with urbanism, architecture and even more.
Indeed, it is assumed that any green spaces are provided with sceneries and optical illusions, before moving on to the plant choice.

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On the other hand, most of the latest gardens in modern homes are created by a simple choice of different plants, without respecting spaces and functions that a particular garden must (or might) have.

Even worst are gardens resulting from nursery remains or even the ones with fashionable patterns or passing fashions.
Both small and big gardens must emerge from the same style: a well-designed garden will become the largest and most organised room in the house.

| How we work


  • Meeting
  • Landscape inspection

  • Earth analysis

  • Existing situation
  • Commission confirmation
  • Meeting on site with the landscape architect
  • Existing situation evaluation
  • Project commission confirmation
  • Meeting on site with landscapers and progress verification
  • Pre-project
  • Meeting and presentation of the final project
  • Technical and pictorial drawings
  • Project approval and definition
  • Plant choice

  • Quote presentation
  • Realizzazione lavori
  • Squadra specializzata
  • Assistenza tecnica di cantiere
  • Assistenza paesaggista
  • Direzione lavori
  • Assistenza paesaggistica
  • Maintenance service

  • Specialized team and technical assistance
  • Information service: the maintenance booklet