Conceiving a design and then translating it into practice, it is not an easy work. Organisation in the construction site is crucial.

The seriousness when reading project documents, which allow a complete picture of the final work, is the basis for our success.

Our goal is cooperating as much as possible with the landscape architect, in order to avoid any interpretation errors.

Landscape plan Tuscany -Menichelli Garden Landscape plan in Italy, in Tuscany

The standard procedure regarding garden designing, starts by fencing off the construction site area, preparation of the security and legal signage, carrying out the required demolitions, analysing the most important land movements, setting aside the cultivation land, tracking the excavations of the construction works, road network and technological systems, implants placement, fittings and connections with the main networks, floor finishes, arrangement and preparation of agricultural land, tracing of flower beds, irrigation system and planting lighting of trees and shrubs, and lawn formation.

Thanks to experience and passion all our works are in accordance with best practice.


| Gardening



we design and create:
  • Gardens parks, private homes and hanging gardens
  • Environmental recovery
  • Maintenance and support

  • Tutor service: personalised work programs

| Plant engineering

General plant engineering

  • Earthmoving
  • General masonry work
  • Irrigation and lighting systems
  • Alarm and video control systems
  • Furnishing accessories (gates, iron structures, etc.)
  • Swimming pools

| Ornamental Arboriculture

In Ornamental Arboriculture:

  • Recovery of historical plants
  • Stability verification VTA method
  • Tree care
  • Tree climbing interventions
  • Pruning, consolidation and abatement
  • Fertilisers, phytosanitary interventions
  • Milling stumps

| Works implementation and management

  • Implementation and management of day-to-day and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Pouring service with specialised equipment, conservative and improving intervention.
  • Management and training of client gardeners (tutors). It is a service for customers with a garden. After basic training in the site, we will release a personalised garden program for each month, complete with the timings for pruning, digging, grass cutting, quantity of water and fertilization and anti-parasitic treatments.

Furthermore thanks to the service "with us you will never be alone” which has been active since 2009, for any further questions you can write to our email and we will reply in a few hours.

| Hanging Gardens

Would you like a hanging garden in your house, but you have no idea where to start?

Ask the Menichelli gardeners for help and revolutionise your way of thinking green!
Hanging gardens allow green lovers to create, in a small space, a real vegetable garden, so as to have, in any time of the year, plants of all kinds.

Indeed, also with the most basic agronomic notions you can create a small vegetable garden even on the roof of your home. The hanging garden can be recreated anywhere even on a terrace or in an underground car park. The hanging gardens offer considerable advantages and bring many benefits to the microclimate in which it is inserted, as well as aesthetic improvements to the entire building or district. Decreasing in noise pollution and dust are some of the greatest benefits of hanging gardens.

| Vegetable garden realisation

There are few but essential needs for a vegetable garden: sun, water, good earth, natural manure and then a lot of patience in cultivating it. A vegetable garden can be part of a bigger garden, in which it harmoniously integrates. They can have different sizes and natures due to the different climatic characteristics of the environment; such as pedestrian areas or open countryside, or areas by a lake or the sea. Some of them differ from the others in the simplicity of areas with only one kind of plant and basic elements such as pergolas, arbors and vases; sometimes outdoor kitchens so as to extend the workspace to the conviviality area as well. In others the cultivated space is neatly divided into rooms by real living walls, flowerbeds (bounded by boxes of interwoven branches), iron, local stones or simple flower borders.

In others, fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs are deliberately mixed to create an effect of cheerfulness. Finally there are decorative gardens where traditional vegetables are mixed or replaced with cultivated flowers. The garden also has food purposes where also the taste is connected to the way it looks. Here it is nice walking around to stop and admire nature, because between a vegetable garden and a normal garden the difference is sometimes imperceptible.

The Menichelli company, based in Calenzano, Florence, designs and manufactures customized gardens thanks to the experience gained over the years.