About us

Menichelli srl was born in 1990 and has become a leading company in the field of landscaping and the design of gardens of all sizes and types.
Menichelli is a leader in the field of the green industry.

Garden design Tuscany -Menichelli Home Garden design in Italy, in Tuscany


The green works, whether they are a garden or a terrace, must always represent fundamental prerequisites according with our level of quality of life.
MENICHELLI - living in the garden … he is a leader in the field of the green industry. His strengths are passion, experience and environmental friendliness…


Conceiving a design and then translating it into practice, it is not easy work.
Organisation in the construction site is crucial.

Swimming pools

The pools are built according to customers’ wishes and they perfectly fit into the architectural context of gardens.
Your pool will be the “more” that will make every moment special!

Plant engineering

Menichelli is able to take care of all aspects concerning the construction of a garden.
Any green spaces are provided with sceneries and optical illusions, before moving on to the plant choice.

Massimo Menichelli defines himself as a

landscape gardener


He works as a gardener and horticulturist for passion, love and tradition.

His grandfather worked as a gardener for more than forty years in Villa di Celle, in Pistoia; his father worked as a manager for the large factory farm Villa Ginori, not too far from Florence.

And then in 1990 Massimo Menichelli created his factory farm, which over the years has become one of the most prestigious Italian factory farms for designing and creating gardens. They work in Tuscany, Sardinia, Liguria, and Lazio, mostly in private residences and stately homes.

When describing his work, he says: “When I design a garden the first thing I do, besides comparing different ideas with the customer so as to create something that reflects their needs, is looking around. I analyse the plants that grow in that specific area and nature. I like when my gardens are harmoniously encompassed into the surrounding nature and when they are clean and organised even when plants don’t grow”.

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